What to do if you find a lost pet

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Tips on what you should do if you find a lost pet

Many of us love dogs, and it is often hard to leave a lost pet in the street, even when your gut tells you that you should leave it there. However, it should be noted that finding the lost pet is only the first step. You need to understand what you are supposed to do when you find a pet that is lost.

In case you notice the pet as you are driving home or going to work, the first thing you need to cater for is your own safety. You cannot help the pet in any way of you are injured, so you should avoid causing an accident. You should look in your rear view mirror and then try to pull over safely. It is often advisable that you use all the safety features, for example, your hazard lights and flares if any. This way, you will have kept yourself and other road users safe. After you have pulled over, you can then be able to help the pet.

When catching the pet, the first object you should have in mind is your safety. In most cases, these animals can act in ways that are unpredictable, so you want to be ready. You must not make any sudden moves, since these can cause the pet to run away. The paramount thing for you to do is to create a barricade, which will keep the animal in one place and stop it from leaving.

When you are moving towards the animal, you should try to stay calm. This is because; the wrong approach could get you scratched or bitten. You ought to speak to it calmly, so that you reassure it that it is safe, and you are not going to harm it. You could also try to entice the animal with food and then lead it into your car.

Once in the car, you should avoid driving off with the animal, since it could cause you harm while on the road. It is, therefore, often advisable that you wait for help. You should call the animal control agency or police for help. It is advisable that you get an estimate of how long it will take for help, to reach and in the meantime, you should keep an eye on the animal. You should report to the authorities all the details about where you are and what kind of animal you have found.

In case you feel that you are competent enough to transport the animal, you should take it to the nearest shelter. On the other hand, if you intend to keep the animal, you should notify the shelter and also place ads in the local newspaper that you found a lost pet. It is also advisable that you take the animal to the veterinary hospital for a checkup and scanning.

You should try to keep the stray pet separate from your resident pets, in order to prevent the spread of sicknesses and infections, if any. In case, all attempts to find the true owners of the pet fail, you could consider keeping it.